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PSYB01 Prof NagyFinal exam Chapter 7 Asking People about themselves Survey Research surveys provide us with a methodology for asking people to tell us about themselvesprovide us with a snapshot of how people think and behave at a given point in time also important as a complement to experimental research findingsassumption is that people are willing and able to provide truthful and accurate answersa response set is a tendency to respond to all questions from a particular perspective rather than to provide from a particular perspective rather than to provide answers hat are directly related to the questionscan affect the usefulness of data obtained most common is social desirability orfaking goodAvoid asking double barrelled questions questions that ask two things at onceloaded questions is usually written to lead people to respond in one way negative wording question with a notin itie should not will not might notyea saying and nay sayingrespondent will employ a response set to agree or disagree with all the questions There are different types of questions open ended and closed ended Closed questions have a limited number of responses alternatives they are also easier to code With openended questions the respondents are free to answer in anyway they likeRating scales ask people how much a graph rating scale requires a mark along a continuous 100 millimetre line that is anchored with descriptions at each end one potential problem with interviews is called interviewer bias and describes all of the biases that can arise from the fact that the interviewer is a unique human being interacting with another human Facetoface interviews requires that the interviewer and respondent meet to conduct the interview Telephone interviews all interviews for largescale surveys are done via telephone less expensive than face to face interview its had become easier with the advent of CATI computer assisted telephone interview system Focus group interviews essentially an interview with a group of about 610 individuals brought together for usually 23 hours another way to study changes over time is to conduct a panel study in which two people are studied at two or more points in time SamplingPopulation is composed of all individuals of interest to the researcher Make inference about populations they do so with a certain degree of confidence you know what the actualpopulation value will be between a certain percentage confidence interval A larger sample will reduce the size of the confidence interval 1
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