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Lecture 15 human development is important in changingshaping the tasks were faced w in our paths Erik Erikson Theory of Psychosocial Development 8 stages of man Erik Homburger Erikson Theory of Psychosocial Developmenta reformulation of Freuds development stages model of psychosexual developmentlibido is organizedreorganized around certain organs from birth around age 6latency period Erik reformulated Freuds theory of psychosexual development into lifelong theory of psychosocial development people are always developingconfronting some agerelevant challengetask Stages Erik Homburger went through Erik was an outsider neither accepted from Christian or Jewish society as a child become a gypsy wandering artist in Vienna he became a teacher psychoanalyst became a psychoanalysis in 1933 he goes to USA Americanhe became a teacher American citizen in 1939 and changes his name to Erik Eriksonproduced his own identity 2 key ideas for Eriksonian thinking1 Epigenetic Principleidea that personality is designed to unfold across a predetermined series of developmental stages theres a predetermined sequence of stages that all people must pass through as part of their development each stage addresses us w a challengetaskissue and it must be confronted we wont necessarily succeed in solving the task at each stage for each of the developmental tasks theres an optimal time it is crucial to undertake each challenge at the right time development cant be delayed or hurriedhas to follow developmental sequence upon confronting each psychosocial challenge and resolving it to a reasonableadequate degree one acquires a psychosocial strength called virtue virtue must strike a balance between 2 tensions competing outcomesex trust vs mistrustvirtue is found in between the 2 outcomes one can fail to adequately resolve a psychosocial challenge by either resolving it too much one way or another leading to either an excess maladaptation or a deficiency malignancy w respect to the particular characteristic Goal to reach an Eriksonian meanfall right in between the 2 maladaptive outcomes bn excess and deficiency to acquire the virtue 2 Triple Bookkeeping an individuals life must be understood on 3 complementary levels of analysis there are multiple levels of descriptions when it comes to the individual and each of these descriptive levels is need to provide a comprehensive understanding of the person at one level theres the body and the various sexual and libidinal urges held win the bodyan individuals functioning must recognize this level of analysis theres the ego individuals conscious understanding of the worldsecond level of analysis third level of analysis is familysociety individuals developmental history and its historical societal and cultural context To completely recognize a person you must understand their bodily ego and societal functioning Eriksonmodel of life span development Freudmost of what is interesting about development ends by age 5 or 6 w the presentation of Oedipal and Electra complex Erik had a more generous view he 1
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