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Lateralization LECTURE

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Ted Petit

Classical Neuropsychology LateralizationThe two hemispheres of the brain are not responsible for exactly the same functions Early ResearchAdults World War II victimsBullet wounds to the brain those that recovered had behavioral problems that differedIe contralateral damageIe differences in problems with languageWounds to the left hemisphere in adults result in 100 of the patients will show some aphasic symptoms Ie problems with languageaphasiaimplies nocapacity for languagemild severeApprox 30 show some evidence of recoveryThese are either left handed or ambidextrous ambidextrous clump with left handers brain was wired to develop into left handersThe least amount of recovery was alwaysin left handed individualsSuggesting that since 100 show left hemisphere damage aphasic symptomso The left hemisphere is responsible for language function o Handedness plays an important roleLeft hemisphere is critical for right handersDamage to right hemisphere showed few language problems and rarely led to any kind of serious aphasiaThe only individuals who did show evidence of aphasia were either left handed or ambidextrousoshowed good recoveryThe righthanded individuals with right hemisphere damage did not show aphasic problems Left handed individuals have some language functions in both hemisphere language is bilaterally located Therefore whether left or right hemisphere damage individuals suffer from language deficits but intact hemisphere is able to recover Right handed individuals have language function in left hemisphere ChildrenWith children under the age of 5 brain still developing damage to either side has an equal probability of producing aphasic symptomslanguage is on both sides in younger kids similar to left handed adults either intact side is able to compensate Show 100 recoveryDevelopmental phenomena plastic vs concrete Language is slowly hardwired to left hemisphere in right handed individuals or solidifies bilaterally in left handers
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