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lec 4 study notes

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psyc12 January-13-11 3:12PM Iclickerinclass:bonuspoints { 2% SY128 { Registatwith HoursMonday1-2 [email protected] www.iclicker.comwithUTORid(notstudentnumber) TAjennifer Midterm:40% Final:60% Bothmc Psycofprejudice Nelson2006 50:50 Lecturefinal 5articleperchapter www.notesolution.comwww.notesolution.comCh1 January-17-11 11:22AM Groupsallowconstruct of easier envt -whygroups Manipof envtfor easier life Organizedsociety Livelonger Happier Groupsare the basic buildingbllocksof society { Groupsalso inother animals Withstoodtime andevoluution Butstill some disadvantages Matecompetition Materetention(holding) Outgroup associations { Minimalgroup Groupbases on arbitarycriteria Stillshow ingrouppreference { Ingroup { Outgroup { Pregjudice: Negativefeelingtwd other groups { Sterotype Beliefsthat certaincharacteristics associate withanother group { We deriveself esteem from membershipin groups { Whileovert discriminationcertainlydown the presence of inert sterotyping still exists { Itdoesnt appearto be the casere that ppl cansimple decidenot to use sterotypes { DEFINING STEROTYPING Lip-manssterotype Used the term to describe the tendencyof ppl to thinkof someone or something in similarterms, that is, as havingsimilarattributions-basedon a common feature shared by each picturesinour head(likethe big lip-mon)andthat these represenationsare more like templatesintowhich wetry to simplify thesometimes confusing world 1. We pickout what our culturehas alreadydefinedfor us, andwe tend to perceivethat whichwe have picked oujtinthe form sterotypedfor us by our culture a) Pickout(culture)--> perceive stero(culture) b) Confirmpreexisting stero by payingselective attentionto stero consistent info anddisregarding inconsissientinfo(notpayingattention) 2. Where sterotype come from a) Cultureprimarly Sterotyping: Bad to Neutral After lipman,sterotype regarded as negativeandlazy way Z =outward indictorof irrational,nonanalyticcognition Z Rigidthinking Z Externalsign of the steroers moral defeactiveness But thenmove awayfrom moralitycorrectness of sterotypeer Z All-portdef of stero : a sterotype is an exagerated beliefassociatedwith a category Socialcog definition In70s Birthof social cog so regard stero as rather automaticprocess of categorizationthat manycog andsocial psycbelieveis inherent inthe very natureof humanthinking Brigd(mohan) Z : a generalizationmadeabouta group concerninga trait attribution,whichis unjust Theunjustproblembc considered accuracy O Asterotype is anygeneralizationabouta group wherther an observer (inout group) believesit is justifiedor not, bc by def anGENERALIZATION aboutanythinghas some exsptions insome portionof the group members hamilton(Hamil+Ton) Z Acog structure thatcontainsthe perceivers knowledge,beliefs(correct), and expections abouta humangroup WithaddtionsToo broad??maybe O Soundmore like schema thanstero Aschema is cog structure that represnts knowledgeabouta conceptor type of stimulus
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