RLGA01H3 : key terms on Sikhism

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Sant tradition (truth, holy, saint) the three elements contributed to form sant tradition is bhakthi practice, tantric and sufism. Information about guru nanak comes from janam-sakhis. (birth narratives. It was compiled by the 5th guru arjan. It is also known as guru granth singh . After the death of guru gobindth singh it was invested with the supreme authority. Introductory-(prayers), the middle section( it is devided into 32 ragas) final section includes miscellaneous works. It is a title that given to an enlightened rishi. It is said that god should be experienced rather talking about him. Who played the musical instruments while nanak was singing. Sikh : sikhism arose as a response to the conflict between hindu and muslim. It is believed there"s only one god. (monostic religion) god goes beyond the limit: g human. www. notesolution. com. Angad : second guru. he composed 62 shaloks.

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