Christianity Review

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5 Jun 2011

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Historical Development of Gospels
There are four Gospels, these gospels are the telling of the life of Jesus
Jesus= the messiah, the saviour of the people- saved his people for their sins, in which he died on
the cross. / Through his sacrifice became the saviour of humanity
-Son of the Virgin Mary
-The world gospel means good news’- the gospels cover the miracles and teachings of Jesus-
Jesus is presented as the Son of God and son of man throughout
-commanded his followers to love and lover their enemies as well- emphasized forgiveness
Canon: Roman church leaders made a list of writings they acknowledged to be scriptures- in
which this standard list or canon of books and letters is what Chr istians have known as the New
Testament/ the standard- accumulated body of church regulations and disciples
Paul Letters
-Because of Paul Christianity was invented
-communicated different formsspreading = missionary
-gentiles spread Christianity and its power
Catholic reformation and Counter Reformation
-first generation of Jesus followers
Pentecost- The fiftieth day after Easter, commemorated as the dramatic occasion when Jesus
followers experienced the presence of the Holy Spiri t
-Jesus= messiah descends to heaven- the spirit of God comes back to earth
-tongues of fire so that spread of the word through different languagesmissionary
Mysticism : Roman catholic and martin luther
Euchrist: EAT THE BREAD, connect to god as the body is symbolic for the body of Christ
Without Christ, no Eucharist
Logos: word in the sense of the external divine intelligence and pur pose/ His purpose
Gospel: Good news
Gospel of John and logos and logos nature of Jesus
-Jesus divine work- what he says spiritual influence
relates to the Trinity
creating miracles
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