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Religion Timeline

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David Perley

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c. 2000-1500
Abraham and the Patriarchs
c. 1500-1200
BCE Egypt, the Exodus and wandering in the desert
1200-1050 BCE Occupation of Canaan, the Promised Land
1050-920 BCE United kingdom under Saul, David and Solomon, with capital at Jerusalem
920-597 BCE Divided kingdom of Israel (north) and Judah (south)
722 BCE Assyria conquers Israel
701 BCE Egyptians conquer Judah
612 BCE Ninevah destroyed by Babylonains and Medes
605 BCE Babylon conquers Egypt, now rules Judah
568-538 BCE Babylonian Exile
586 BCE Destruction of the first temple
550 BCE Second Isaiah composed
c. 520 BCE Haggai and Zechariah prophesy
516 BCE Second Temple built
5th cent. BCE Oldest known example of a ketubah
3rd cent. BCE Rise of the Sadducees; Septuagint formed
2nd cent. BCE Idea of resurrection of the dead gains popularity in Jewish circles
c. 20 BCE Philo Judaeus born
<>0-100 CE Compilation of the Tenakh
c. 50 CE Philo dies
70 CE Destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans on the 9th of Av
c. 90-150 Canonization of Hebrew Bible essentially complete
135 Bar Kokhba rebellion defeated at Betar by Romans on 9th of Av
c. 135 Roman governors ban circumcision
164 Hasmonean revolt against the Romans
c. 200 Compilation of the Mishnah by Judah ha-Nasi
337 Proselytizing for Judaism is punishable by death in the Roman Empire.
358 Rabbi Hillel II introduces permanent fixed ritual calendar
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