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Bar mitzvah son of the commandments" the title given to a thirteen-year-old when he is initiated into adult ritual responsibilities; some branches of judaism also celebrate a bat. Gemarah- the body of aramaic commentary attached to the hebrew text of the mishnah, which together with it makes up the talmud (both the jerusalem talmud and the. Pentateuch- the first five books of the hebrew bible, ascribed by tradition to moses but regarded by modern scholars as the product of several centuries of literary activity. Septuagint- the greek translation of the hebrew scriptures, made in alexandria in. Teffillin- small black leather boxes, also termed phylacteries, containing words of scripture, tied to the forehead and forearm by leather thongs. Sedar order" the term used for the ritual passover supper celebrated in the home; the six divisions of the mishnah are also called orders or seders.

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