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Health & Medicine Sociology Chapter 19: Health & Medicine: (Compass notes) The Black Death: N 1346 news reached Europe about plague coming from the East (originated in Asia) N Contact w infected sailors became infected as well N Black death killed 13 of European population (most devastating catastrophe) N Today, cause for plague is known (a bacillus spread from lice to rats to people) N 14 C. nothing known about germs ?9} oKLIZLo2]}L}}[ZKZ Z}}o to discover the cause of plague N Professors came up with the following theory: the planets unfortunate combination caused hot, humid conditions which caused earth to emit poisonous vapours. Prevention: not sleeping during day, not cooking things in rain H2o, not bathing, specific dietary restrictions etc. N 9}Z]Z] Zl]oo ]ooZl ][Zl]ooZ~LlL}]L2o N Upper class left to country side and jews were hygienic(religion) survived N Some groups more likely to die than os (health risks unevenly distributed) N Health = medical & social issue as well (unequal health distributions bw gender, ethnic groups, strat levels) N Health problems change over time th o 20 Century medicine = more advanced ? : in life expectancy o Life expectancy: avg age @ death of the numbers of a pop. N Life expectancy in Canada in 1831 = 40 for men & 42 for women N Canada 2006, girl 83 & boy 78 (more time to experience health diseases degeneration (Cancer) N Ignorance of med in medieval times N BUT, medieval times stressed importance of prevention today, impt cures Health & Inequality: Defining & Measuring Health: Health ~J,K9^]o]}L]L]]oto achieve their potential & to respond positively to the ZooL2Z}ZL]}LKL:_ o Basic resources for health: income, shelter, food, info & life skills N Oldest person to live: Jeanne Louise Calment (122) died 1997 N 7}o[ZZ]2ZZo] L ]LEL~2 N Swaziland = lowest (33) && Canada= 80 N Highest avg. (-) country avg. = yrs of avoidable social causes N Social causes= big impact The Social Causes of Illness & Death:
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