SOCA01H3 Study Guide - Sicko, Health Maintenance Organization

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13 Dec 2010

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N 1346 news reached europe about plague coming from the east (originated in asia) N contact w/ infected sailors became infected as well. N black death killed 1/3 of european population (most devastating catastrophe) N today, cause for plague is known (a bacillus spread from lice to rats to people) N 14th c. nothing known about germs 9ykl izl 2 l yzkz to discover the cause of plague. N professors came up with the following theory: the planets unfortunate combination caused hot, humid conditions which caused earth to emit poisonous vapours. Prevention: not sleeping during day, not cooking things in rain h2o, not bathing, specific dietary restrictions etc. N upper class left to country side and jews were hygienic (religion) survived. N some groups more likely to die than o/s (health risks unevenly distributed) N health = medical & social issue as well (unequal health distributions b/w gender, ethnic groups, strat levels)

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