Illness & Identity

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Illness and Identity David. A. Karp } ZZ}L]LZ[]L }KLo]ooLZZ7LZ}Z]LZ]]ooLZZLZ]o sense of self... Karen: Student of Karp who used to suffer from illness N }L]LZ2Z}2Z^]L_ K oZ]o}K]] o]ZZ}Ke N 11 grade her idea shifts: she feels that something is wrong specifically with herself o ]L ^ ZZ_Z] Z]ZL]L2}]L]L]L] Karp interviews people of all ages and backgrounds who have experiences with clinical depression (also experienced it himself) JZLZl^}}Z]Ll}]ZL]ooLZZ_ }LLZZ]ZK]oL L }LZ]}L:~]ooLZZM^} ][ZooM }L]]}LMo]ZoM A CAREER VIEW OF THE DEPRESSION EXPEREINCE ,2Z[Z]L]]}L} 9Z moving perspective in which the person sees his life as a whole and interprets the meanings of his various actions, and things which happen to him. Each stage requires a redefinition of self Four turning points experienced by the clinically depressed... 1. A period of inchoa
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