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SOCA01H3 Study Guide - Caucasian Race, Tiger Woods, Institutional Racism

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Socio Lec 11 Notes: Chapter 10 Race and Ethnicity
Social constructionism
Subject to change
Created by society
We belong to the same species
If reproduction is possible and produce offspring that is capable of reproducing offspring
themselves are species
Race is associated with genetic differences
Race refers to skin colour
o Caucasian race, jewish race, human race are incorrect uses of the term “race”
Race, Biology and Society
Scapegoating is a device by which people are identified of belonging to a specific race and that
race is to blame for all my problems
o Seen during great depression
o Severe social and economic problems in which people try to find others to blame for
their own problems when those others are really not responsible for those problems
Racism today means genetic inferiority
o Prejudice and discrimination based genetic inferiority or superiority
o Seldom here them today, but did exist in past
o Race is defined by skin colour (white, non-white)
o Classification took place in Europe during colonialism when Europeans travelled the
world made a classification system
o What if you’re east asian? South asian?
Assumption of racial purity based on biology
o People tend to be genetically mixed
Globalization (migration of people)
Homosapiens originated from Africa and migrated to different countries
encouraging mixing
Immigration: people coming into the country
Emigration: people going out of the country
o People are biologically similar in some countries
Japanese don’t have immigration
Not a race biologically
More genetic variation within a group than between
West European:
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South asian:
Genetic variation within races:
How long are the arms and legs relative to the trunk
Scottish pinky is curved
2nd toe is bigger than 1st toe
Flat ears
Width of feet
o can socially construct a race out of anything
o social rather than biological
Tiger Woods is a product of below:
Father: black,white,
Mother: thai,Chinese
Mixed marriage is intermarriage
found more in open societies
a sense of group membership develops based on socially constructed categories which can
segregate populations
o segregated populations are more likely to engage in conflict
o insider/outsider mentality causes problems for societies that say they’re based on
Types of racism:
incorrect: classifying yourself based on race
new racism is suttle, not obvious, covert
old racism is overt
institutional racism: existed in south Africa
o laws of land say groups must live a separate existence
o education, housing, work, transportation
o Rosa Parks refused to sit in a segregated fashion on a bus, taken to court and charged,
sparked protest and lead to civil rights legislation
Biological, genetic inferiority racism is not seen today as much
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