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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Socio Lec 11 Notes: Chapter 10 – Race and Ethnicity Social constructionism  Subject to change  Created by society We belong to the same species  If reproduction is possible and produce offspring that is capable of reproducing offspring themselves are species  Race is associated with genetic differences  Race refers to skin colour o Caucasian race, jewish race, human race are incorrect uses of the term “race” Race, Biology and Society  Scapegoating is a device by which people are identified of belonging to a specific race and that race is to blame for all my problems o Seen during great depression o Severe social and economic problems in which people try to find others to blame for their own problems when those others are really not responsible for those problems  Racism today means genetic inferiority o Prejudice and discrimination based genetic inferiority or superiority o Seldom here them today, but did exist in past o Race is defined by skin colour (white, non-white) o Classification took place in Europe during colonialism when Europeans travelled the world made a classification system o What if you’re east asian? South asian?  Assumption of racial purity based on biology o People tend to be genetically mixed  Globalization (migration of people)  Homosapiens originated from Africa and migrated to different countries encouraging mixing  Immigration: people coming into the country  Emigration: people going out of the country  intermarriage o People are biologically similar in some countries  Japanese don’t have immigration  Not a race biologically More genetic variation within a group than between West European: African: Asian: South asian: Genetic variation within races:  How long are the arms and legs relative to the trunk  Scottish pinky is curved  2 toe is bigger than 1 toe  Flat ears  Width of feet o can socially construct a race out of anything o social rather than biological Tiger Woods is a product of below: Father: black,white, Mother: thai,Chinese Mixed marriage is intermarriage  found more in open societies  a sense of group membership develops based on socially constructed categories which can segregate populations o segregated populations are more likely to engage in conflict o insider/outsider mentality causes problems for societies that say they’re based on multiculturalism Types of racism:  incorrect: classifying yourself based on race  new racism is suttle, not obvious, covert  old racism is overt  institutional racism: existed in south Africa o laws of land say groups must live a separate existence o education, housing, work, transportation o Rosa Parks – refused to sit in a segregated fashion on a bus, taken to court and charged, sparked protest and lead to civil rights legislation Biological, genetic inferiority racism is not seen today as much Fiction of Pure Race  Race is associated with prejudice and discrimination  Prejudice is a way of thinking and pre-judge people according to ethnicity  Discrimination is behavior  Some people can be prejudiced, but don’t act in a discriminating way o New racism Cycle of racism  Arbitrary markers/physical markers creates different social differences between groups o Age of colonialism, slavery  Stereotypes get embedded and passed on  Canadian consensus collects info on ethnicity not race 
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