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10th lecture for april 27th exam

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon
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Week 10
Crime and Deviance
deviance is general
any behaviour that violates cultural norms
two types of deviance
onon-criminal deviance
ocriminal deviance: violating a law
Types of Crime
Juvenile delinquency
more impressionable than adults
labelling has a bigger impact on juveniles
should treat juvenile offences differently than adults
treated differently under the law
juvenile offences, common crimes, car theft, assault, b&e, drugs
Victimless Crimes
consensual crimes, both parties agree with the criminal act
drugs, prostitution, vagrancy, gambling
the police must use special techniques to catch people
entrapment, use an undercover to attract customers, encourages people to break the
used when dealing with victimless crimes because there is no other way to catch
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White Collar Crime
refers to illegal acts committed by person of respectability and high social status in
the course of his/her occupation
intellectual crimes
includes embezzlement, false advertising, tax evasion, insider stock trading, fraud,
unfair labor practices, copyright infringement, and conspiracy to fix prices and
restrain trade
Edwin Sutherland, committed by high prestige members
treats white collar crimes more leniently
Ken Lay (Enron), Jeffrey Skilling (Enron), Bernie Ebbers (WorldCom), Martha
Stewart, Conrad Black (Argus Corp), white collar criminals
Street Crimes
robbery, assault, arson, b&e
committed disproportionately by people from lower classes
Organized Crime
the mob, some of it is Italian but all ethnic groups have had their own organized
Donny Brasco, Sopranos, Goodfellas, Italian Mafia, Sicilian Cosa Nostra
Scots first started organized crime
Jews, early immigration
Myer Lanski, worked for Al Capone, money laundering expert, never convicted of
any crime
Triads, Chinese organized crime group
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