REVIEW Lecture (Including 4 FREEBIES) APRIL 6th

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

4 Freebies: Politics: Political Sociology: Mills Powerlead is an elite theory of democracy Book of 1950s called the Power Elite This paper is an example also of Neoconflict theory. o The power elite according to Mills is made up of corporate leaders, the military leaders, and government leaders. (Refer to Picture Taken on Blackberry Leaders of the Legislative Brand Which includes house of representatives is the senate Which makes it elite is the people who lead these organizations know each other. Than they act together. They share the same ideas. Mass Society was used to distinguish modern societies from earlier ones. o Undifferentiated mass of consumers. These people are cutoff, alienated, isolated. o People in mass societies are alienated, estranged from decision making. Mills argues that in the mass societies, information and power are highly centralized. Celebrities: Relatively recent phenomenon. Charlie Sheens dog and pony show We idolize people who act Why do people idolize a bunch of idiots? Narcicism: Being in love with yourself,I love to hear myself, see myself etc. Mills >Keep theidiotsbusy, idolizing other idiots, they dont have inclination to whose running society. o Celebrities are mass distractions, diverts people away from important issues A.Rod
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