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Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Liberal Feminism - gaining better and more access to oppritunities for women; employment, education and politics - promoting the equality between genders through ; anti-discriminatory laws, promoting women in male dominated fields and their competetiveness in the male-dominated world - Solutions that Liberal Feminism has to answer these inequalities; Affirmative action, equal- opprirtunities legislation, gender mainstreaming, breaking the glass ceiling, sharing housework, afforadble daycare - Essentially liberal feminism emphasizes the equality between genders and priortises the need for equal oppritunities for men and women - reforming the workplace; gate-keeping practices: networking, and decisions being made informally glass ceiling; the motherhood gap, hidden barries and the glass escalator gendered job queues; gendered and racialized professions - Affirmative actions: encouraging women in engineering, police etcs - Flextime ; flexible time with equal benefits Critiques - focus is mainly on individual success; and often overlooks the socio-economic roots of gender equalities -aims to reform the system (workplace) without changing its premises - assume that men and women are the same and interchangable - women belong to one category and overlooks the other types of inequalities (racism, class inequality, homophobia and able-ism) which can influence gender inequalities Radical Feminism - radical – departure from tradition; innovative or progressive - Challenging patriarchal thinking, freeing the female body and celebrating the feminie are the main areas of focus by Radical Feminism - Patriarchal thinking; system of male dominated societal views - Female body; virginity, childbirth, female sexuality, objetification of the female body; areas that have been under patriarchal control; and lesbian f
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