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10 Jun 2011

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Essay: general ideas in this course
Analyzing power in terms of gender relation, question about gender, sexuality under
patriarchal society
-Gender identity as the key role in sexuality
-How we understand and interact with others
Components of the Exam
Short Answer (2) 4 questions 7.5% each 2-3 pages double space
Essay relates to arguments (support argument)
6-8pages 15%
1.approach to sex and gender sex definition from biological standpoint (Dichotomous
thinking-how can we overcome it?) division of pop male and female-classify division on
2 distinct and sep partor” thinking
Gender binaries
Gender constructions
Patriarchy-kindom, been passed down by generations
Compulsory heterosexuality
Queer phobia
Hetero patriarchy
Hetero Sexism
Sex determines gender, sex influence gender both biology and social
Social constructionism
Sexual script-culturally created guidelines in behaviour definition as appropriate
Dominance sexual script-behaviour how women expected western countries patriarchy
rules is heterosexism
Week 2 Biological expression
Socio biology
Week 3 Body
Obje of manipulation and control
Primary site of gender identity
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