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ANT100Y1 Full Course Notes
ANT100Y1 Full Course Notes
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Genetic flow movement of genes from different population of species. Genetic drift due to random sampling, change frequency of genes in population occur. Genetics traits aren"t passed by one parent instead its a package of genes from both parents. Package of information = genes (acquired at conception) Alleles: whole set of different forms for a given gene. Expressed allele: visble trait (dominant genes - always expressed, recessive genes - overpowered by dominant genes) Genetic makeup contains an allele from each parent. Dominant genes don"t have dominance over recessive ones in meiosis. Genotype = all genes (dna and genetic structure) Genetic flow - the transfer of alleles from one population to another. Study of human history & prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts. History vs. prehistory: history is recorded, prehistory is before writing. Monumental archaeology: ex. angkor watt in cambodia or pyramids. big complex structures. Homo floresiensis: hobbits. a meter tall. indonesia. fully developed brains.

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