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Mar. 3rd Notes Monday, March 3, 2014 6:12 PM Paper due March 31st Final exam on April 10th 7-9pm in MS2158 Week 9 - Competition and the New Cult of the Artist in Rome •Last week on Florence, tone of interaction between 3 artists --> Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael • Leonardo looked to establish himself as a great painter •Michelangelo concentrated on sculpting •Raphael was in Florence for 4 years, tried to learn everything that he could •Leonardo was more open to allow Raphael to see and learn from him •Michelangelo was much more secretive -> didn't share with Raphael •Leonardo and Michelangelo paired together for a commission in a town hall •1508 -> turning point --> Michelangelo called to Rome by Pope •Pope Sixtus the four commissioned the wall paintings in the Sistine chapel o Also the uncle of Pope Julius II o Succession of family members --> create legacy for themselves •Eager to return to the Sistine chapel and add to it during his tenure o Invites Michelangelo to paint Sistine Chapel and this own tomb o Also brought Raphael to Rome o Also Brought architect Bramante --> to rebuilt St. Peters --> took a century and a half to complete o Grand ambitions for the city of Rome and his family's legacy •Michelangelo was going to make a free standing monuments, huge, was not complete, now in small church (St. Peter's in chains) o Disappointing project --> a project M. was very excited about, seal his place in sculpture o Also got a painting commission •Question about M.'s experience in fresco paintings o Scholars thought he might have worked with gearlin dio?? o Michelangelo was very conscious about his projects --> could ruin his reputation as artist if he fails •Michelangelo's biography talked about how the Ceiling was made •The ceiling at the time M. got the commission was a field of blue with gold stars •Pope originally had a plan for 12 apostles?? o Michelangelo changed his mind o Scholars question Michelangelo's contribution to the overall plan of the ceiling Sistine Chapel ceiling •Lots of going on structurally •Main field of the vault itself --> very complex surface to work on --> uses painted architecture , frame work of fictional architecture o Possibly supposed to have pillars curved up, know from the figures along the pillars o At each end, is an open strip that opens up to a blue sky o Stories from the book of genesis --> starting at the bottom --> god creating dark and light… o Alternation fo small and large narrative panels o Noah's ark --> switches up the order, should come next, but needs a larger panel so placed it one above, a big event so should have larger panel • Small panels with nude figures • Larger panels flanked with bronze figures statues, spandrels you see the ancestors of Christ • Series of figures and painting that relate to the painting below --> giving the prequel to Moses o Setting up old and new testament themes --> new Covent shown in the last three set of Noah stories, idea of prophet (knowing what is coming) • The last stories in the narrative --> were done first, scaffolding was constructed at the beginning first • Was finished in 4 years --> stages in the painting • Michelangelo ran into technical difficultly in fresco painting (shows he was not very familiar with it) --> not use to the materials used (said in Vasari) o Used river sand in Florence, lots of quartz, as a filler in fresco --> in Rome they use volcanic rock, so different reaction to water, etc. o Huge plaque missing, fell off during earthquake, but still shows his unfamiliarity in the material • Very shallow compositions --> remind of relief craving --> painting with mind of sculptor • Lose a lot of painting detail when at the bottom, Michelangelo not thinking about the viewer here, He can see it since he is painting it up close • Subject was supposed to be biblical, but M. focuses on human anatomy • Michelangelo against Raphael in terms of figures and use of color • Localized use of color --> Leonardo thinks of how to make colors blends and reflect off each other (how light interact with each other, scientific approach, a green hue with light reflected off blue and yellow) o Michelangelo uses more pure colors • Section between where the first set of scaffolding went up and the next is below the explusion of Adam and Eve o Figure still like sculptress, pushed to the front o Use of color seen here on snake --> use of color here to give 3-D shape to snake • Figure take on much more monumental feel o More comfortable working in large scales Creation of the Sun and Moon --> tow stories in one panel --> separating sun and moon and turning around and creating earth • Was very inventive --> more experimental and dynamic in the figure inventions that he creates --> the benchmark that he sets The separation of the Light from Dark --> see that each patch at the beginning is smaller (cautious), later each plaster piece gets larger • Inventive pose Prophet from first half of ceiling • Colors are localized, not working together to create a 3 dimensional look ] Last Prophet • Figures later get larger --> very inventive • Arthur at the top left --> yellow of the silk that changes to green in the darker shadows (shock silk) Delphic Sibyl and Libian Sibyl • In four short years, learned and evolved a lot in painting • Was complaining at the beginning about this commission, from letters home • Michelangelo taking lessons from sculpture in Rome --> uncovered an important Roman sculpture at the time (Father and son being devoured by something) • Experimenting with the torso Michelangelo and Raphael • Michelangelo got him commissions at the Sistine Chapel • Michelangelo asked to post guards so no one could see this ceiling, Raphael bribed guard to see it (a story) • The Prophet and the Prophet Isaiah Stanza dello Segnatura --> 3 different rooms • Also different artists that worked on it Raphael, Disputation of the Holy Sacrament • Painted started from top to bottom • See some change
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