Astronomy Midterm #1 Review

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Stefan Mochnacki

Astronomy Midterm Review: Universe: The sum total of all energy and matter. Totality of all space, time, energy and matter. Age & Size of Universe: 13.7 Billion years old. Size of the universe is uncertain. What we can see in the universe is called The Observable Universe. The horizon is the limit to what you can see no matter where you are. Light Year: Distance light travels in one year. The Speed of Light is c=300 million meterssecond (in a vacuum) Contents of the Universe: Planets, dwarf planets, Stars, Galaxies etc. EVERYTHING Our Location in Universe: Milky Way Galaxy, neighbour galaxy Andromeda. Gravity: Force between 2 objects containing mass. Mass Vs. Weight: Mass = amount of matter in an object, weight = force that acts upon an object. Force: Causes change in momentum Newtons Laws of Motion: An object moves at a constant velocity unless a net force acts to change its speeddirection Force = mass x acceleration For every force, there is always an equal + opposite reaction force Free-Fall: The condition in which an object is falling without resistance; objects are weightless when in free-fall. Momentum: The product of an objects mass and velocity. [mass x velocity] Angular Momentum: Rotational momentum of a spinningorbiting object. [mass x velocity x radius]
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