AST201H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Thermal Energy, Westron, Photon

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AST201H1 Full Course Notes
AST201H1 Full Course Notes
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If we looked at a galaxy that is 7 billion light years away, we"d see the universe at half its current age. If we looked at a galaxy that is 12 billion light years away we"d see the universe as it was when it was 2 billion years old. If we tried to look beyond 14 billion light years we"d be looking to a time more than 14 billion years ago - before the universe existed: our observable universe is 13. 7 billion light years. 150 million kilometers: earth"s orbital path defines a flat plane that we call the eliptic plane, when we look outside the local group we discover, 1. Virtually every galaxy outside the local group is moving away from us: 2. The more distant the galaxy the faster it appears to be racing away: this happens because the universe is expanding. Lecture 1 much energy: planets orbit a star.

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