Lecture 24 Notes

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12 Apr 2012
Lecture 24: Synthesis and Prospects
Slide 41
Big technological advance in the US (b29 and grand coulee dam)
B36 is even more important innovation than b29; has jet engines and propellers;
wasn't instrumental in any wars although b29 was instrumental in ww2
This was when technology was about making things big
Slide 42
Impact could be something like greenhouse gases
Mitigation: reducing the amount of warming that's going to occur
oNot going to be something that modern societies do very much of
oHuman response to problems in response to climate change fall in the
category of adaptation
Adaptation: find technological means to reduce negative effects of global
Denial movement has changed to adaptation to the current situation
Migration of humans out of unhabitable areas into habitable areas
Slide 43
Concrete generates heat, exothermic reaction
Heats up so much so they had to put 2k miles of pipe to run cold water through
to cool it
This dam was made to irrigate the west
Slide 44
Liberal (left wing) saw it as a great thing
Hydroelectric power is good w/o generating green house gases
Salmon need to go up and down a river and a dam makes it much harder
Losing Salmon fishery had detrimental effects for first nations ppl
Dam undergo siltation; rivers carry mud that go under the impoundment of the
dam and those giant lakes that are responsible for dam's function fill up with dirt
There are dams that are now being abandoned b/c they've silted to the point
where they're useless
It will take a long time for Grand coulee to silt up, but it eventually will
Slide 45
Climate refugee --> place where they live have become climatically unsuitable
and move to a different place
Sahel band of 6 countries south of the Sahara desert; various cycles of
drought; currently there is a level of political uprising
Borders closed; don't help you migrate
Desertification in this region
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Slide 46
Desertification in this part of the world
Lake Chad is the big source of water here and it's drying up
Many parts of the world will get more precipitation but these are the parts of the
world that will get hotter and drier according to IPCC
Already marginally hot areas are expected to get hotter
Slide 47
ITCZ consistently sits over here
Rift split itself creates volcanic activity
These volcanic soils are good soils
Might be destination for people from Sahel to go to
Slide 48
Lots of small countries here
Biodiversity is high here
Slide 49
This landscape is a mix of wet land and grasslands
These reserves are small for these animals
Slide 50
This is lush but there are things to be worried about
There isn't a lot of land not under cultivation; it's wall to wall
This is in the mountains (steep slopes) and if u till the land in steep slope in a
rainy part of the world, u will have erosion taking away a lot of the rich topsoil
It looks temporary b/c erosion loses will cut into the productivity; it also looks
maxed out
Human cultivation is creeping out of the rift valley and moving up the mountain
side to the tropical forest reserves
Slide 51
High-density, low amenities type of environment
Terrible place to for anyone to live
There is a big volcano above the town of Goma and has erupted within the last
decade; took out 40% of their population
Slide 52
Vice = conflict
These are some reasons why Goma is a bad place to live
2nd Congo war --> 2nd bloodiest human conflict since the second world war
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