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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

DRM100RenaissanceMarlowe Dr Faustus Mon 24th Oct 2011Renaissance 1300s o What about me from the movie Ants o Large system feeling of insignificanceTiny significant o Copernicus earth revolved around the sun o Galileo invented telescope laws of motion o Newton theory of gravity o The Self Eg Oedipus has his selfSense of personal orderCharacteristic mode addressed to the world1500s change in intellectual social sociologicalaesthetic structuresIdentitiesStress on power of individual willRelentless assault upon the will16th century increased self consciousness on fashioning of human identity of a manipulative artful processSelfconsciousnessgrowing suspicion of mans power to shape identitySelffashioning no longer modeling oneself on Christacquires new range of meaningsdescribes practice of parents and teachers their influenceeg Faustus doesnt claim affiliation by parentsmannersdemeanor how one actsimplies theatrical aspect of making of selfsuggests hippocrysy or deceptionfunctions wo regard of literaturearttheatre and social life something artful of the self and social life in generalmodern science observe the facts rationalismbased on assumption that we can test our assumptionsDescartes Locke Hume o Cultural Movement 1300sItalty primarily via visual artists beginning o Transitioncommercial world cultural transactionscommercial transactions international tradebalancing booksredemptionhistory of the play o Broad cultural movementreligionartdevelopment of perspective in paintingidea of seeing thingsthe idea of seeing how and what and different modelsHumanism predominant social philosophy and social philosophyreturn to favour of the pagan authors Aristotle Plato etcRebirth of Classical Learning in EuropeDevelopment of secular philosophyappreciation of worldly pleasurespersonal Independence and expressionsecular view of life o Humanistswelcome classical writerssimilar social valuessecular attitude o Modern ScienceWays of thinkingsearch of truth and wisdom wo the idea of God o MachiavelliThe Princeno moral laws existno laws that are not made by men that we abide byThe MandragaloThe Mandrake comedy he wrotecharacters are fashioning themselves in ways that will be advantageousOpportunistUncouples political theory from ethics o High Renaissance complicates aspects of humanism o Period marked by political instability intrigue achievements in small states 15th16th centuries traditions are established in most countries o religious drama o farce o contended w impact of new greek and roman playsItaly translation of classics Plautus Seneca etco direction of stagespectacular and musicalOpera o Intermezzo entertainment o MusicTheatricality 16th century opera o ComedyImprov variety of character France o league of cardinal RichelieuoAristotle dominated the stage shaped debatesSpain that and english most successful o developed tradition to transform classical models o didnt adhere as closely as FrenchEnglish o not to be bound by classical rules o Shakespeare foreshadowed by early essays on historyChronicle play romantic elements revenge dramasSupreme dramatist of Renaissance period and now lol o Elizabethan drama 15081603thriving Renaissance theatre regardless o 1576 BurbageThe Theatersuburb of Londondifferent theatrical structure vs Greek theatreshapes and is related to plays performed there
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