ENG280H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Authorial Intent, Geneva School, Restoration Literature

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12 Nov 2011

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Eng280 critical approaches to literature midterm summary. Philology (late 19th, early 20th c: the practical texts & their histories (es. Studied mostly prior to arnold; historical rhetoric, textual & genetic crit. Orthography: no dictionary yet, eligy about death/mourning, lament about. Matthew arnold: about higher, nobler things leave room of imagination. Best that is known & thought best ideas, learn/teach timeless truths. : what makes a literary text literary/differentiates: establishing a scientific basis, read for form, not interested in wringing out moral, across texts, search for general rules, engage with text. Eliot: poet & a critic; born in us, moved to britain, tied to tradition (passed down), also dynamic. New criticism: us; sprung from arnold, text {not context} More concerned with poet as catalyst of experience. How language works within: obsession with words & language; unity, self-contained, adequate, mature, etc. Interested in language, the words themselves, different meanings (esp. ambiguous meanings)

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