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30 Nov 2017

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Chapter 1 - tropical rainforests, myths and inspirations: Many myths still color the feelings and judgements of objectively minded scientists. A rainforest: is a dense forest that is rich in biodiversity, found typically in tropical regions with high rainfall. A tropical rainforest or tropical moist forest: includes more seasonal formations. Tropical rainforest definitions are based on climate and potential vegetation, as well as the actual forms of vegetation present. Wet - receive over 1500 mm of rain every year with no pronounced cold or dry spells. Rainforest type formations can develop with less rain, as plants access groundwater reserves through a fog or other means. Closed forests can form in lowland tropics with 800 mm of rain annually. Any physiologically relevant definition must address overall water balance and seasonality. Megathermal": climates are wet and frost-free climates. For210h1: lecture 1 - introduction to the conservation and management of tropical and. Documenting patterns of wetland tree diversity and forest conservation.

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