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Corina Sandu

Vurlaines Symbolist manifesto: Poetic Art Characteristics of Symbolist verse: - Musicality, rhythem, fluidity, evocation - Imbalance-it is more vigorous, not fixed and adopted by Romantic poets like Hugo Symbolisim In Art Expression of a reality beyond evidence VIsual perceptions; spiritual aspects, allusions, and symbols Exploration of synthesies interest in imagination and dreams firm refusal of contemporary subjects and social realism thereby the content would be from poetry... Gustave Moreau, SalomDancing Before Herod (Symbolism) Moreau the painter of Saloms Salom symbol of lasciousness a magic air in which the smell of poison lingers (JosMaria de Hrdia) Perfumes shown through light, shadow which shows scents Salome is only visible on the left hand side in front of the column On the right, a figure representing a eunice who was a soldier there is a heavy dark atmosphere the lighting seems to come from above there is a dusty red and gold The only distinctive character in the picture is the princess, her crown, her skin in a milky and alabaster white and she is curved but slender the light of her body is emanated she appears to be suspended in space She is provocative But she is virginally appearance She has blonde frizzy hair She is covered in veils, a symbolist element Why is the picture symbolist? The imprecise outline of figures is not clear The diffuse of light give us mere suggestions of figures, nothing clear we can only guess as in other paintings there seems to be her mother standing behind her The formal and chromatic structures There was some symbols inserted in the painting such as an animal on the column, a mythological creature which symbolized desire that seduces but not gratify therefore the name Chimera On top of the emperors throne an eagle showing military triumph (top of social pyramid)
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