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Charles Z Levkoe

Exam Review Lecture 6 ! Part 1: The Green Revolution and Its critics ! What does Raj Patel think? • He states how we should feed the world • Talks about food sovereignty ! Early Changes in Agricultural Technology & Practices • Selective breeding • Ploughing technology • Irrigation • Seed drills • Food processing (milling, canning and refrigeration) ! "Green Revolution" • In the text, increase production around the world • Hybrid seeds, pesticides • Transferred to the global south • 1940s onwards • Increased crop production throu gh technology and selective breeding • Transferred technology from the developed world ! The new green revolution • Different revolution • Idea of genetically modified organisms • more offarm • More intervention by corporations • GM: DNA taken from another organism and transferred into crops • Ex, liberty, corn, fish genes • Global area of biotechnology crops • GMOs in Food ! Complex answers • Some pros o Ability to enhance productivity, nutrition o Could allow for more efficient use of resources/inputs o Encourages innovation • Some cons o Concerns about human health risks (Esp. allergens) o Lack of consumer support ! What do J. Withgott, S. Bennan and B. Murck (Chapter 5 authors) think? • The authors sold that industrial agriculture have negative effects • Population is growing • Sustainable agriculture: science technology • Intellectual Property and GMOs • Expanding scope and territorial extent for intellectual property right (patents, copyright, trademarks etc.) • Inclusion: "biologically based materials (life forms) • Inclusion of global south • Monsanto: accused him of planting a seeds • Promoting preserving and diversity • Seed variety ! Part 2: Food Supply and Food Regimes • Changing geographies of food consumption and prduction • Processes of globalization of the food supply system • Role of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) in the agro -food complex • Globalization • Related to development of global finance and transnational corporation (TNCs): economic and corporate globalization • Not a fixed thing: there is struggle ! Foo
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