The Peopling of Canada - Lecture 5

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Joseph Laydon

Lecture 5 February 10 2011 The Peopling of Canada Comments on Immigration Policy y Slow developmentinconsistent it was slow and it didnt matter what was your education as long as u were british Key thing the humanitarian was developed under y Functions economic cultural humanitarian international system being member of UNImmigration and economy boosty Benefits of immigration y Pushpull factorsPhase 1 PreConfederation DefiningSecuring Canada y Loyalist settlers they believe in democratic process of Britain y War 1812 The American problem Allegiance Anyone who had to live in Canada had to take an oath of allegiance y Promotion Land Companies they give lands to companies and then sold it to people BritishIrish immigrants PreConfederation Immigration Significance y Geographical focuskey thing in this period has by passed atlantic Canada and settled in Ontario Then it passes by Ontario and moves to prairies y Culture of Canada Cultural definition cultural problems spatial issues Those that supported Britain have come to Canada And most opposition that comes today comes from Quebec due to many protestants immigration to Canada y Population expans
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