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29 Nov 2016

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The 30 years war: the bohemian revolt, 1618-1623, the danish intervention, 1624-1629, the swedish intervention, 1630-1634, the french intervention 1635-1648 (direct involvement of french armies, battled. Spanish habsburgs and the holy roman emperor: peace congresses in 1648 (peace of westphalia), spain and france continue to. The house of habsburg: house of austria, throne of the hre was continuously occupied between 1438 and 1740. Charles v: ruler of both the spanish empire from 1516 and the hre from 1519 as well as the habsburg netherlands from 1506. Protestant reformation/counter-reformation: 16th century religious, political, intellectual and cultural upheaval that splintered catholic europe, de ned the modern era. Peace of augsburg: 1555, temporary settlement within the hre of the religious con ict arising from the reformation. Holy roman empire/holy roman emperor: a multi-ethnic complex of territories in central europe that developed during the early middle ages.

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