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Carry Takagaki

Chapter 14Tokugawa Japan1600 Battle of Sekigahara o Ieyasu wins battleAssumes title of shogunate in 1603Tokugawa Period Edo Period 16001868 o Edo becomes de facto political center of Japan 1605 Ieyasu retires as shogun and puts his son Hidetada in the office o This way his son will have been on the throne for several years when he dies and there will be no competition for succession after his death1614 Ieyasu launches attack on Hideyori but truce declared o Hideyori eventually commits suicide Controlling daimyo warlords o Laws governing the military householdsCant build any new castles or make repairsCannot marry without permission from shogun stopping alliances through marriage o Sankin kotai alternate attendanceSystem where daimyo were obliged to spend every other year living in attendance in the capital of Edo now TokyoWife and children have to stay in Edo all the timeMakes it very hard to stage a disruption plus wife and children are held hostage in case you try to go against shogunateCost of the alternate attendance 20 of expenditures applied to travel costs and maintaining wife and children in Edo is very expensive since there are the wives and children of all the warlords there is a lot of competition for more luxurious things o This effectively keeps the warlords poor enough to keep them from staging a disruption Two classes of warlords o Fudai daimyo associated with Tokugawa clan for generations considered more trustworthyo Tozama daimyo warlords subdued in recent yearsThus Fudai keep an eye on Tozama by having their lands surrounding the latters About equal amounts of Fudai and Tozama in late 1600s Shogun owns about 20 of the land rest of the land was owned by warlordsWarlords could do whatever they wanted in their domain had local autonomy o Central government did not care about day to day life of peasantso Only thing shogun cared about if warlord treated peasant too harshly and they revolted shogun would take away the land thus daimyo had to be very carefulIncentive not to be too harsh on peasants and have too harsh criminal codesWarlords domains called han Isolation Policy 163339Adopted by the Tokugawa shogunate through a series of edicts issued from 163339Felt that access to foreign tech and wealth could lead to instability so stopped any interaction with foreignerso Japanese ships forbidden to leave for foreign countries o No Japanese permitted to go abroado If any Japanese returns from overseas he must be put to deatho Banning of Christianity to not have split allegiance towards authority not any particular problem with Christianity itself o Missionaries supposed to leave the countryMany Christians and converts in Japan killed by the shogun o Limited amount of trade with the Chinese Shogunate prevents warlords from trading because he wants to keep them from becoming too wealthyOnly the Dutch allowed to come once a year for limited trade o Only western country to continue trade o Reason Dutch were Protestant Shimabara Rebellion 1637 o Near NagasakiCauses the shogun to really turn against Christianity Rebellion about famine but since the peasants were Christians Christianity was associated as the cause of the rebellionChina Rites Controversy in Qing Dynasty also due to divided loyalty between Pope and EmperorRestrictions on gunsIf anyone wanted to have one made very long process that required approval from the shogunThus gun technology did not advance in Japan4 class divisions of Tokugawa o Samurai o Farmers o Artisans o Merchantso At the bottom outcastsdo things that are traditionally caused to be polluting ex butchers those who execute criminalsNo social mobility o Successive generations cannot work their way up or down the systemKeeps the samurai loyal because their only source of income are the daimyo NeoConfucianism in Tokugawa Japan Continuation of Chinese tradition of five relationships
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