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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

20 Bacterial transcription Central dogmaDNA into RNA into protein that carries out particular function How does the cell know which genes to turn on and what to turn off at right time and placeGenestretch of DNA in a genome that encodes a discrete and individual protein or RNABacterial genes usually lack introns Bacterial genes clustered in operons Operon is cluster of genes under same regulatory control Monocistronic mRNA is a single RNA that codes for single protein Polycistronic mRNA is single RNA that codes for multiple proteins Regulons are operons around chromosome that share regulation Regions of DNA that control transcription of adjacent genes are called promotersPromoter is region of DNA that binds DNA polymerase to initiate transcription of an adjacent gene PromotersA 10 box Short extended 10 sequenceA 35 hexamer centered approximately thirty
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