Plato, Republic Books 3-4

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Mark Kingwell

Plato Republic: Book 4 Week of: October 4 , 2010. The Ideal City Reading: Plato, Republic Books 3-4 Socrates: Goal of Kallipolis not to make any one group in city outstandingly happy at expense of others (Thrasymachus claimed) but to make everyone as happy as nature allows (421c) Accomplished if everyone in it practices his natural craft, producing, guarding, or ruling Guardians must primarily protect system of education to become reasonable and will see orders clearly (434a-c) Religious practice laws to be deliberated by the traditional lawgiver Delphian Apollo (427b-c) Kallipolis established (427d) and since completely good (427e) must have all virtues of a city (352d-354a): - Wisdom (guardianship possessed by rulerscomplete guardians) - Courage (preservation and not abandoning of the belief inculcated by laws through education about what things are to be feared) - Moderation (harmony between rulers and ruled) - Justice (exchange and meddling)identified with distinct structural features of Kallipolis (434d) Justice for the moneymaking, auxiliary, and guardian classes each to do its own work in the city Same structural features are identica
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