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ross summary study notes

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Ross Summary NotesPrima Facie DutiesIntuitionistPrima facie duty is a characteristic which an act has in virtue of being of a certain kind of being an act which would be a duty proper if it were not at the same time of another kind which is morally significantWhether an act is a duty depends on all the morally significant kinds it is an instance ofDuties based on previous acts of my ownoFidelity following through with things you said you would do ex implicit promise to not tell a lieoReparation taking responsibility for something you have done ex giving back stolen propertyRest of the dutiesoGratitude rest on previous acts of other men ex services done by them to meoJustice possibility of a distribution of pleasure or happiness distributive justice how to give out goods or rewards in a good wayoBeneficence we ought to maximize good where we can good isnt defined in hedonistic terms alone Duty to do things that make the world a better place but you do it in the time and manner you see fitoSelfimprovement you have a duty to bring about g
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