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Mohan Matthen

PHL340thMarch 5 Lecture 14 Midterm Review 2started with Cartesian dualismomind operates on a totally different discourse than bodyas people started realizing that the brain is very close to mental operationsone of the first ways of physicalizing the mind was behaviourismothe mind consists of stimulus response dispositionsbehaviourism drops the idea that mental operations have intrinsic qualityoDescartes has the idea that mental operations have distinct qualities that the individual can figure outthat is the intrinsic qualitycharacter of that thoughtyou know it by experiencingoBehaviourism gets rid of that ideathe thought has no intrinsic character at all it is simply a disposition that connects the stimulus and the response thus dualism is rejected in the view of the behaviouristbut functionalism Functionalisma mind is a device capable of performing particular sorts of operationoto talk of minds and mental operations is to abstract from whatever realizes them to talk at a higher levelproperties of functionalism oa concrete objectoits operationsowhere this operation is the same as anotherthe importance is not in the stimulus response operation but an organization of a machineso what constitutes a mental operationonot its physical organizationeven though the physical organization is what determines the mental operationPhysicalism in Functionalism every mind is a material device of performing certain operationsSuperveniencethe relationship between physical and mental organizationsproperties of typeA supervene on properties of typeB if any difference in typeA properties requires a difference in typeB propertiesoA supervenes on B means A is dependent on Bany difference in mental operations requires a difference in physical operationsoneed exampleowe cant two things have different physical properties but do the same mental operations
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