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POL201Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Hacking Democracy, Joseph Schumpeter, Color Blindness

Political Science
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Christian Campbell
Study Guide

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POL201Y1 Exam Notes
Exam mainly based on 2nd sem
Also includes 2 movies: Life & Debt, and Hacking Democracy
9 questions: 8 are worth 12pts, 1 is worth 4pts
Third waves, main logic of 1st and 2nd, 3rd is more imp (legitimacy, crisis, catholic
church, etc – there’s 4)
Presidential/parliamentary and majoritarian/PPR
What makes the other better than the other
Personal freedom
Limited state
Consent of the governed
Liberalism continued to become democracy
Political right is expanded
How to make sure majority doesn’t take away rights of individuals (minority)
Limits what can’t be done in individual
Majority vs. minority
Study Kaplan and Putnam’s thick definition of democracy
Study thin definition of democracy by Schumpeter
Macdeo (important reading)
Cultural, religious, seeking minority rights
How state deals with minority rights
a. Assimilation (comprehensive liberalism)
b. Privatization (political liberalism)
Liberal answer (a continuum)
Difference in private and public sphere
Procedure, private/public, neutral state
Neutrality of state neutrality of majority
c. Multiculturalism
State not colour blind but sensitive to culture, religion, and ethnic background
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