POL201Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Hacking Democracy, Joseph Schumpeter, Color Blindness

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Also includes 2 movies: life & debt, and hacking democracy. 9 questions: 8 are worth 12pts, 1 is worth 4pts. Huntington: third waves, main logic of 1st and 2nd, 3rd is more imp (legitimacy, crisis, catholic church, etc there"s 4) Electoral: presidential/parliamentary and majoritarian/ppr, what makes the other better than the other. Liberalism: personal freedom, limited state, rights, consent of the governed. Equal rights for everyone active state protection of minority (continuum: special rights protection. Gender/ethnicity (how and why they"re protected: self-government, need territorial base. Democracy: participation in politics, problem of free riders. Seeking paradox of participating: selective gratification (incentives, parties. Only exist to win power, only want to be in office. Aggregate out citizens" preferences and take them to government (party platform) channels them bottom up. Pragmatic, ideological, personalistic (old and dead: voters (unorganized mass of us, parties (unorganized) Not a party and not a social movement. Works as institution but informally: problem of social capital (jung)

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