POL208Y1 : decision-makers, decision-making (own notes)

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Until recently, (20-35 years ago) political science in international relations was very reluctant to change. The box of decision making for the most part was left closed. But we know have a better understanding of international and internal relations. Today we will be looking at the individual, government, and small groups. There are different models of choice the first of these models is the most well-known rational choice model. At its core, it is about purpose i select an option because i want to pursue that goal . You analyze all the options available, and you maximize expected utility of the consequences. The right choice model is a model where you represent a choice by given expected utility to your option. The next step is game theory modeling interaction between individuals. The right choice model gives an image of international relations as a game of chess where one move leads to other possible moves of your opponent.

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