POL208Y1 Study Guide - Nuclear Warfare, Operation Opera, Security Dilemma

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6 Dec 2010

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Define 5/6 international relations terms worth 10 marks each. Respond to 1/2 essay questions worth 50 marks. Supposed to try to connect to different paradigms in your analysis: theories: make assumptions about state actors, impose a rational model of thinking, improve knowledge of world politics, improve knowledge of war, definitions should include: Globalization: fundamental shift or transformation in the scale of human social organization that links distant communities together and expands the power relations at different levels across regions and continents. Making this possible are technological advancements and economic policies. Realism: this is a theoretical framework for understanding international relations. This theory focuses on the importance of security and power in the way that the state engages in global politics. The idea of security comes from the idea that in order to achieve this state, the country must ensure that it can deal with threats from other states.

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