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Political Science
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EXAM will BE FOCUSED ON TODAYS lecture and NEXT LECTURE Lecture 9 November 22 2010Making Sense of the Rise of China International Relations Theory and Uncertain RealitiesFor example cold war something political science did not predict in the last centuryOur theories tend to be predictive International Relation theory state or country behaviour why do they behave like thatUncertain realities8001500 missilesTaiwan Republic of ChinaDe jure Chinese Province by the letter of lawDe facto independent state1996 missile crisisit launches few missiles to give their heads up2005 AntiSecession Law if Taiwan to declare independence we will attack2010 Arms Procurement Bill china and US have disputes when US sells military and missiles to Taiwan Taiwan is in serious trouble if they decide to launch missiles this leads back to civil war in china Chinese communist party adn Chinese nationalist were teh first republicans the communist win the civil war which is the founding of communist government in china The nationalist prodemocratic republics flew to Taiwan in the cold war contects the world didnt recogrnize communist chinabut instead it recognized the nationalist republican of Taiwan As it happenz china begins to create diplomatic relation with US Which leads to Taiwan lose a seat in UN nations And it becomes tied with United States and normalizes with Canada Taiwan is no longer a government Taiwan loses its sovereighty it is no longer a recognized nation Which coins Taiwan as a province of China Taiwan is democracy it has its own election it has its own taxes its own government it functions as a state but legally is not China belive Taiwan is the province of china wat also angers chinaUS signed the Taiwan relations act as the US normalizes and accepts china as sovereign act Which says US will defend Taiwan if it is ever attackedSome recognize that Taiwan is natural aircraft carrier to put an aircraft base We dont kno how china will react will it ever attack Taiwan we dont know how the US will react when its so spread around in IRAQ and AFGHANITSAN how will Taiwan will react will it keep its status QUO there is great Uncertainty One thing is Certain Taiwan wasnt worried about its existence it didnt care until 1990sbut one thing we know they are Worried NOW the rise of China you have to take it seriously
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