Nationalism and Conflict Notes for second term exam

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

January 17, 2011 Nationalism and Conflict What is Nationalism? - Seemingly obvious answer: the ideology of nations. A nation is a group that wants to have its own state. - Nations do not invent nationalism, instead nationalism invents nations. They do not exist outside of the imagination of the ideology of nationalism. - A nation is a group of people who believe they share a common fate, history, culture and language. - Nationalism says that the state and nation should be congruent o The leaders of states should share with the nation a common culture, a common language, a sense of shared history, sometimes a shared religion. Nationalism believes this. - But this only occurs under modern conditions. o The sense of caring for people that you don’t even know across the country has only occurred in the past couple hundred years because of the creation of the nation-state. - Never before in human history did people insist that their leaders be of the same culture and never did leaders try to make the people share their culture. Nationalism and Modernization - High culture and low cultures. European monarchs and populations. - Industrial society and need for universalization of high culture. o Before the industrial era, it was not necessary that people were needed to speak to each other in non contextual ways. o The choice of what language we are educated in gives the advantage to whomever knows the language, and disadvant
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