EXAM BASE(2) 10) Cold War Realism

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Lecture 10, November 29 2010 Cold War Realism In 1962 the world came as closest to be destroyed by a nuclear war, no one knew how the nuclear war was. It would have been even worse than Nagasaki and Heroshima. Thousands and Thousands of people would die. The idea was that bombs and missles would come over to canada, because the shortest way to US, was thru north pole, to come and destroy United States. This was the Cold War. The study of international relations that we know today, what we study adn how we study effects each other. Cold war: Origins from Europe, by 1948 europe was chopped up and divided by political lines and NATO lines. End of WW2 Division of Europe Hungry 1956 : hungry is being taking over by Soviet unions, it is being dominated by the soviet union soldiers. When Stalin dies, many Soviet Union colonies, decide to take some sort of a freedom, since it wasnt working well for the Soviet Union. The point is in 1956, the Americans were encouraging the Hungarians to revolt. The test was, that Unites States was unwilling to start World War 3, the irony was that, they could have done it, if they wanted to. And the Germany being divided, into EAST and WEST and the people from east fleeting the country, caused the the german wall, and this all leads to COLD war. Cold war: From Confrontation To Stalemate Nuclear Weapons, Weapons of a new kind? (Weapons are meant to be used in war, nuclear weapons are too scary to use, if you use them, they will be used against you. It was very destructive, all things ever put combined.) Difference between deterrence and defence: what are nuclear weapons good for? (Nuclear weapons were meant to stop other side from it using its nuclear weapons, in case if you are completely outrun. But you wouldnt use in a normal battle) MANNU: data on nuclear weapons - means of delivery (missiles, subs, bombers) www.notesolution.com
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