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POL 201 RECAP FOR FINAL EXAMWEEK 13 Was democracy just a momentReading Robert KaplanMain Argument Democracy is not necessarily good real democracy is hardly widespread Democracy is becoming less democratic hence it is not here to stayFive Part Argument1 Democracies are value NeutralNothing more than institutions that translate the will of the majorityIf the will of the majority is good than the outcome will be good viceversaDemocracy is nothing more than an electoral system Thin definition because that is what is being propagated around the world democracy cannot be exported elections canEx Hitler was elected2 Democracy emerges as a capstone to economic developmentDemocracy is achieved by means ofLiteracy and educationLarge middle classWestern enlightenment traditionReason over superstitionReliable democratic institutionsPolitical culture of toleranceUrbanizationLow birth rates3 Moral argument retreatDemocracy does not produce security prosperity or stabilityit has no instrumental value Hence we retreat to moral arguments to defend itFreedom Selfdetermination Voice Participation Human Rights etc 4 Democracy is not here to stayMajor Argument A world government is emergingreal power rests with large corporations that have armiesCorporations have begun to control public spacesgated communitiesThe richer countries become the more they invest in private spaces5 Benign Dictatorship and Hybrid regimesMore stable for people who dont fit all the requisitesMore stable economyHowever there is no mechanism for checks and balances that can ensure that the dictator does not abuse his powerWEEK 14 Capitalism Socialism and DemocracyReading SchumpeterThick DemocracyThe 6 conceptsPublic realm All democracies have some conception of the public realmCitizenship Dems have citizens they have rights other regimes have subjectsCompetition Dems cannot have unanimity approachdeadlockMinority rights Majority wins but minority still has rightsFluid minority Minority in some issues but not all issuesStable minority Minority on all issuesDemocracy can only function if the minority is fluidRepresentation Citizens elect representatives and citizens accept the outcomeContingent consent Citizens consent to abide by the rules that put the leader in placeThe outcome in elections is uncertain it has to be because the only reason why losers stay in the competition is because they might win next timeThin Democracy thought of as only an election mechanism does not include any freedoms or other requirementsEconomic Theory of DemocracyMajor Representation of DemocracyCommon WillDemocratic ProcessCommon GoodMajor ImplicationsThin definition of democracydevoid of normative contentPeople in general have different conceptions of what good is There are natural inclinations to different structures of power and there is no right set of policies for each societyCompetition for votesMarket competitionelections are the market votes are moneyJoseph Schumpeters Theory of DemocracyMajor Representation of DemocracyIndividual WillDemocratic ProcessManufactured WillMajor ImplicationsThere is no common will but a manufactured will His theory is closer to reality but is not normatively betternot an improvement He is updating the theory of democracyWhat Procedures Define Democracy Elected official control policy free fair and frequent elections Universal suffrage any adult can run for office Freedom of expression the press and associationWEEK 15 The third waveReading HuntingtonFirst wave lasted from 1828early 1920s urbanization economic development industrialization urbanization growth of middle class victory of Western Allies in WWI dismantling of empires economic and social factorsdemocracy came about through modernization demanded election and the right to choose their representative The wave dies out in about 1924Through modernizationSecond wave After WW11 became democratic1 Impositionbecause they lost the war den was imposed on themGermany Italy Japan
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