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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

Test 2 review: functional fixedness, reconsolidation, milgrams line expt (13 follows), consistency for joining cult, bridge (misattribution), nave realism, high emotional something in family work together with drug effect Cultural Psychology e.g., all cultures speak a language w. bw 10-70 phonemes, all people smile when happy, all cultures have a word for black all cultures find parent-child incest to be disgusting, all cultures understand the number 2 a lot of classic findings are not replicable in different cultures the terrible 2s, 2 year olds in US scream and show autonomy in japan they follow their culture, and parents dont let them scream and stuff so its not a universal development stage fundamental attribution error not existing in china, japan, not so fundamental The 20 statement test I amC:a student, a math club member vs. I:funny, cool. Individualists and collectivist cultures have different psychology Collectivist: who they are, is determined by who theyre with, its fluid; I is more consistent Is experience dissonance when making difficult choices for themselves; Cs experience dissonance when making difficult choices for others but not when making choices for themselves were a blend of individualism & collectivism association with others Chapter 16 Social and cultural psychology Cultural psych emerged to see how culture shapes psych processes because humans are social animals Cultural environment is more inclusive than social environment, because can leave social environment but rarely leaves cultural environment Individualistic culture vs. collectivistic culture Universal psychology vs. cultural psychology (chilli taste spicy to all, but to varying degrees) What is culture? Some aspects of culture are shared by other species and some are unique to humans All human behaviour or thoughts have been shaped by cultural learning
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