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David Perley

RLG Quiz 3 JudaismChristianity JudaismApocalypse unveilingrevelation the final battle between the forces of darkness and light expected at the end of time apocalyptic literature flourished in the Hellenistic era In contrast apocalypse in Christianity is a cataclysmic event marking the transition from one era to another described in the last book of the New Testament Berith Hebrew word for covenantspecial relationship between God and the Jewish peoplelike a contract Relates to the Ark of the Covenant which was placed inside a Tabernacle mobile temple which contains the Tablets of Stone on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed Diaspora dispersal the dispersal of the Jewish world outside the land of ancient Israel began when the Jews were Exiled from Babylon Babylonian Exile from which not all Jews returned Documentary Hypothesis The theory 1894 that the Pentateuch Torah5 Books of Moses was not written by one person Moses but was complied over a long period of time from multiple sources Eschatology study of the end Doctrine concerning the end of age study of the afterlife and judgements heavenhellExile 586 BCE The deportation of the Jews from Jerusalem to Mesopotamia by the BabyloniansThis caused local Israelite political ritual and agricultural institutions ie daily life became less agricultural and more urbanMarked the transition from Israelite religion to JudaismDestruction of the First Temple formal worship was replaced with congregational lifeSynagogue was created Exodus 1250 BCE The migration of Hebrews from Egypt under the leadership of Moses understood later as the marking the birth of the Israelite nation Hebrews lead by Moses to the promise land Wandering for 40 years Creation of the Ark of the Covenant and the 10 Commandments
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