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RLG100 Hinduism and Buddhism Test Terms HinduismAdvaita school of philosophy that there is only one ultimate reality the indescribable Brahman which the Self or Atman are identicalderived mostly from the Upanishads Artha One of the three classical aims in lifewealth and powerSignifies the whole range of tangible objects that can be possessed enjoyed and lost and we require these in life for the upkeep of a household and family Atman The individual self held by Upanishads discussed in the Upanishads and Vedantic thought to be identical with Brahman the world soulStory of a father telling his son to dissolve salt in water and says that Brahman and Atman are united in a similar manner tat tvam asi you are that that Brahman youAtman Atman Brahmanhuman soulsupreme beingones self hiddeninner controller of the human soul Avatara an incarnation of a deity in earthly formmost often associated with Vishnu in Epics Bhakti Loving devotion to a deity seen as gracious being who enters the world for the benefit of humans found in the EPICSGitaBrahma The creator God Brahman all encompassing impersonal idea of the divine energy found through the process of self denial Brahmanas Textsdirections regarding certain rituals one of the 4 sections in the Veda
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