Take Up of Test #1

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8 Mar 2011
Take Up of Test #1
7 characteristics of religion
Working definition used by scholars
Religions have a worldview – way of interpreting world
Experiential dimension – includes numinous and mystical traditions
Mythic dimension – narratives aspect that explains stories, interpretation of myt hs
Articles of life
Ethical dimension – Ten Commandments, principles
Ritual dimension – mass, prayers 5 times a day
Social dimension – regulation of society, institutions
Babylonian Exile
When it took place: exile of Judeans by Babylonians in 586 BC
Took place after Jerusalem and its temple was destroyed in 586 BC
Forced exile of Judeans and became known as Jews
Change of r itual, development of house worship, r itual life, emergence of rabbis to
facilitate r ituals and prayers and priestly class becomes devalued
Emergence of Aramaic rather than Hebrew
Emergence of apolopyse
Compilation of narratives tha t becomes Hebrew Bible
Anxiety of preservation of culture, group identity
Debates of theology discussion
Beginning of Diaspora
Moses Mendalis
Lived in 18
Considered father of Jewish enlightenment
Strong suppor ter of analytical reason
Was philosopher
Believed through use of reason anyone can come to logic of religious truth
Encouraged Jews to come out of ghettos
Encouraged social and political participation of Jews in community life
Thought this kind of participation outside Jewish community would have positive effect
on Jews
Accepting miracles and revelations but saying not essential to Jewish faith
Rule of law mattered most and not that it was delivered by revelation
Emerges out of oral Torah
Particular importance after destruction of 2
Compilation of oral laws completed in year 200
Interpretation of Mishnah called
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