RLG100Y1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Rabbinic Judaism, Flood Myth, Documentary Hypothesis

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Reward/punishment obedience/disobedience: god will reward those who observe his commandments and, punish those who intentionally transgress them, ex. of obedience abraham sacrificing his son. Revelation and interpretation; oral and written traditions. Sabbath saturday = the day of rest: prayer & public assembly in the synagogue (jewish house of worship & community meeting, teenagers read 2 selections from the hebrew bible: Defining judaism: jewish heritage = religious. It s possible to join the jewish community thru conversion, many people have done so: jewish heritage =/= religious. Been saved from slavery & elected to fulfill a special responsibility, to serve as god s priests in the world. God floods the earth, allowing only noah & the creatures in his ark to survive. To punish the evil that humans have perpetrated & clear the way for a fresh start. Noah saves his family (his wife, three sons, and their wives) + representatives of all animals from the flood by constructing an ark.

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