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16 Feb 2011

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Qualitative as unscientific arises from the notion of empiricism is quantification: quality - essential to the nature of things (what, how, when, where) Case studies: action research (participatory research studies) means of mutual confirmation of measures and validation of findings. www. notesolution. com: data triangulation: within- method and between method triangulation o. Human interactions form the central source of data. Participant"s perspective and empathy are key to formulating theories of. Chapter 2 - designing qualitative research www. notesolution. com: theory and concepts, theory. Statements and propositions that explain relationship between two or more variables ( objects, concepts, phenomenon, characteristics, etc. ) Educated guesses that may be used to predict future events: concepts thought processes or phenomenon. Building blocks of theories and foundation of communication and. Allows for people to let other know what they are thinking and share. Statements that make up theories: theories and ideas, theory before research model. Idea and theory must come before empirical research.

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