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Irving Zeitlin

Soc203 Durkehem and others Durkeheim leading classical sociologist for many reasons Starts with saint simone already talked point profoundly simone influenced Durkheim 1 simone not kant who founded sociology not sociology social physics, mentoned the disciplinbce kant stident of his coined the term sociology and altruism Saint simine believed the new Christianity suggest science is not enough nor is ministry enough to create satable decent order and need moral cement of sc=ociety and moral ideas, secular of Christian morals, positive moral ideas bond which unites people into society common value system in framework diffent ideologies Simon inspired positivist and inspired functionalist view, very fashionable very criticsm Time had to be sociologist and criticism emerged, functions always positive, did not say negative things in society, social sytem functionally intregated postie rol in sustaining it, not room for for social conflict bases of inequality and negative things going on in society, more and more defected theory, hardly anyone is a fucntionist, example hospital integrated system ask what contribution each of the elements take away for a few days, sense problems functionlist putlook had, Important point, in his time capitalism was just negining did not see intensive class conflict or imperial rivalries durkehim latter than marx and saw social conflicts and went in diffetn direction than marx, different path to solve the problems, saint simone inspired durkheims view in the diiosn of labor in socity In book makes argument, makes claim that goes back to plato, way back plato defined justice as specialization meant by it specialize that it leads to interdependence subjective speaking need each other Durkehiem realize durkehiem recognized defects in industrial capitalist system and conflict it was casuing , sometime took a violent form Produce and maintain a just order different way than marx Problem of order , look around middle east looks calm and explodes, social problems with us Adresss question create and maintain social order that is descent hitler promised 1000 year reich rule over Slavic interland,
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