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10 Mar 2011

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Durkehem and others
Durkeheim leading classical sociologist for many reasons
Starts with saint simone already talked point profoundly simone influenced Durkheim
1st simone not kant who founded sociology not sociology social physics, mentoned the
disciplinbce kant stident of his coined the term sociology and altruism
Saint simine believed the new Christianity suggest science is not enough nor is ministry
enough to create satable decent order and need moral cement of sc=ociety and moral ideas,
secular of Christian morals, positive moral ideas bond which unites people into society
common value system in framework diffent ideologies
Simon inspired positivist and inspired functionalist view, very fashionable very criticsm
Time had to be sociologist and criticism emerged, functions always positive, did not say
negative things in society, social sytem functionally intregated postie rol in sustaining it,
not room for for social conflict bases of inequality and negative things going on in society,
more and more defected theory, hardly anyone is a fucntionist, example hospital integrated
system ask what contribution each of the elements take away for a few days, sense problems
functionlist putlook had,
Important point, in his time capitalism was just negining did not see intensive class conflict
or imperial rivalries durkehim latter than marx and saw social conflicts and went in
diffetn direction than marx, different path to solve the problems, saint simone inspired
durkheims view in the diiosn of labor in socity
In book makes argument, makes claim that goes back to plato, way back plato defined
justice as specialization meant by it specialize that it leads to interdependence subjective
speaking need each other
Durkehiem realize durkehiem recognized defects in industrial capitalist system and conflict
it was casuing , sometime took a violent form
Produce and maintain a just order different way than marx
Problem of order , look around middle east looks calm and explodes, social problems with us
Adresss question create and maintain social order that is descent hitler promised 1000 year
reich rule over Slavic interland,
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Durkheims time order is problematic cant take it for granted, france in time hobbesian
solution some thinker advotaing solution to orderm hobbes solution is 1 condition must
need common power or leviathan not dictatorship or tyranny governemt rules with consent
of the govern, who represented hobbesian solution in durkeims time, saint simonian and
Kantians hobbesian position
France utilaritianism, goes back to adam smith dvid Ricardo view lesser faire leave it alone,
adam smith the invisible hand self regulating system and gov not play role bc just spoil it
view prevailed to swiss economist sesmonde 1819 said idea utilaritain idea own interest not
happening contrary leading to greater good economic hurts the lower hobesian saint
simone and kant and utilaritarns and another school
Durkehim not happy with bith two bc ruling wlite frightened him good reason to fear notion
not elite cant express not specialist
Critical utilaritian common sncial if pursue own interest why not war of each agiant all
Durkeim says contract only temporay in sense observe terms along own interest longer run
inclined to break it, mutual interst seizes,
Non contractual elemts in contract moral elements utliartian self interst overlooked
wouldnt make contracts at all if there wasnt legal insurance insure terms not in abstract,
what do u get out of it, not much anyone can do about it, durkehim says legal moral
governemtal structure that insure penalty if u dont observe elemts of the contract, impose
duties and obligations
Question of justice, contract not made between equals but unequals, labor market employers
and employees, industry huge proletarte and class conflict, recognized lion and lamb, with
consent subjectivelty, do it out of width of hunger coercive hunger to weak either starve or
go to poor house, lionine, contracts unjust, large scale industry, durkehim 3rd approach
sociologist, common movement at time
Brightest students, sociolgosts, between sociologist marx anarchy of production 25millon
unemployed not in his time,
Sociologist say why right under capitalism les sae faire why fair to bail out and no
regulation democratic socialism civ intell solution of crisi on capitalist system doing so
much damage
Cras 1928 destryoing overproduction of all these goods,
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