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22 Mar 2011

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Topic is 9 and 10, historography oral history and case studies. Nothing magical all fill the same requirements get data and evaluate like all other research techniques. Historiography is the discovery of what happened during some past period not just facts but theoritcal perspective, major point is interpretation and analysis of data. Research 1 or more reasons, uncover unknown, find infor people don"t need about, implications of past events, result of something of the past, access past activitu of people agencies or institutions and aid social lfe today. Underlying is the past teaches us about the present not differnet from any other social research. Sources are similar to other social sciences, or other social research info found in personal collections people have seek corrabate evidence for interview information. Important to remember languages societies change, historical research keep period in mind and language in mind. Talk about 3 types of historical sources, primary sources which is information form witness,

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