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22 Mar 2011
Soc204 March 16
Topic is 9 and 10, historography oral history and case studies
Nothing magical all fill the same requirements get data and evaluate like all other research
Define history as accounting for past events
Historiography is the discovery of what happened during some past period not just facts but
theoritcal perspective, major point is interpretation and analysis of data.
Research 1 or more reasons, uncover unknown, find infor people dont need about,
implications of past events, result of something of the past, access past activitu of people
agencies or institutions and aid social lfe today
Underlying is the past teaches us about the present not differnet from any other social
Sources are similar to other social sciences, or other social research info found in personal
collections people have seek corrabate evidence for interview information
Important to remember languages societies change, historical research keep period in mind
and language in mind
Talk about 3 types of historical sources, primary sources which is information form witness,
Secondary sources, info from people not present at original event, wrote a story based on
Tertiary, info processed and and presented in an anthology and sources that will lead u to
primary sources,
Where to find historical info and where to find them,
Doing histirography,
7 points similar to steps which are similar to any other types of research,
Narrative exposition, write a book or a paper make findings public
2 criticsm that research is subject to
Internal, questioning is what the reseacrhes does, and external what other people do on the
authors work, who wrote it reputation of source material is it good or bad, bias?
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