SOC102H1 Study Guide - Forced Migration, Intersectionality, Social Reproduction

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12 Nov 2014

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Social differentiation ( )underlies all social inequalities, involves the transformation of natural differences in socially important differences and inequalities. Collective consciousness*( ) defined by durkheim: shared group sentiments which hold communities together -- it is mobilized around ritual objects called totems and by group performance of ritual acts. Ethnic community an imaginary community, a group of people with common ancestry, often living together in a defined geographic location. Difference between ethnic and racial groups (ch 8) about shared visible physical features vs. common ancestry. Intergroup marriage: factors affecting intergroup marriage (opportunities to meet others outside own group, shortage of potential mates in own ethnic community & abundance in others, cultural openness to marrying outside own group) Functionalism: race as a way of providing people with the social links they need to survive, gives shared meaning, social cohesion. Conflict theory: focuses on how the powerful group benefits more than another from differentiation, exclusion, & institutional racism.

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