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SOC103H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Edmund Bergler, Arlie Russell Hochschild, Travis Hirschi

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Adam Green
Study Guide

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Topic 1 Introduction
Emile Durkheim: Social solidarity; Functionalism;
Auguste Comete: the origin of the term Sociology;
Granovetter: “the strength of weak ties” (NS pg8);
C. Wright Mills: sociological imagination;
Robert Merton: functionalist dysfunctional consequences”;
-- “manifest” and “latent” functions;
Karl Marx: conflict theory;
Max Weber: Protestant ethic;
Symbolic Interactionism
Harriet Martineau: Feminist Theory;
Arlie Hochschild: Emotion Management; Emotion Labour
Topic 2 Education and Socialization
Randall Collins: credential inflation
John Dewey: progressive pedagogy
Pierre Bourdieu: Habitus
Willis Paul: class habitus research;
Charles Darwin: Evolutionary Theory;
Topic 3 Deviances and Crime
John Hagan: consensus crime; conflict crime; social deviation; social diversion;
Conrad and Schneider: deviance’s social context;
Roberts Merton: strain theory;
Edwin Sutherland: differential association; social learning theories
Travis Hirschi: control theory
Edmund Bergler: medicalization of deviances;
Topic 4 Family
Topic 5 Gender & Sexualities
Berger & Luckmann: humans have underdeveloped instincts; needs culture as a compensation;
West & Zimmerman: Doing Gender;
Ann Fausto Sterling: the 5 sexes;
Topic 6 Mass Media
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