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Lecture 5 04:33 Dada: 1915- 1922 Chaotic, anarchistic movement Anyone can produce art No need for burst of emotion to produce work of art At end of WWII more technological advancements more intense militaristic weapons Rise of Dada different than other movements, where they all were located in one country Zurich Dada 1915 Dada members all met in a bar: aesthetic anarchy Hugo Ball created used phonetic poem Figures replaces by abstraction At the beginning no style with Dada; turned mechanistic Dada groups often small and intimate and influential to each other Dada rejected that artist was creative genius Traditional materials Created ready-mades- visual indifference, and total absence of good or bad taste the object is not the important thing Useful significance disappears Dada used objects that no longer made artists make the object themselves Human figure taken over by abstraction Fascination with machinery, chance, and frustrates desire By 1922 Dada burnt out> then came surrealism. 2 years of sleep Karawane made of nonsense symbols and sounds Tristan Tarza Romanian livening in France violent swirling declarations of Dada his Dada manifesto from 1918 Seeking to destroy language, similar to Marinetti Horror engulfing world (Europe) at this time, Tzara set tone Stieglitz Partner of Georgia OKeeffe, ran an art gallery shoes old fashioned camera Picaba Born in Paris, began producing mechanical drawings Hans Arp Dada is senseless like nature against bourgeois artist notion talks about elements of Chance *Arp Total abandonment to the unconscious (surrender to) www.notesolution.com
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